Which cleaning solution is right for you?

Soda and sand blasting are two of the most effective heavy duty cleaning technologies any cleaning company can currently offer. As to which is right for you, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to determine which of process is ideal for your situation.

Below we have outlined some of the basics of both technologies, allowing you to more effectively compare.

Sand Blasting

Based around heat and friction, sand blasting (or abrasive blasting) eats away at any matter existing on top of a given surface. Sand is propelled at the object/surface at incredible speeds, ripping away at anything it hits, thus requiring considerable control to ensure that no damage is done to the underlying surface.

Sand blasting is commonly used for:

  • Rust
  • Paint
  • Roadwork
  • Other forms of corrosion

The fierce nature of the abrasive blast rips through any substance and smooths the underlying surface. This effect makes it ideal for construction, house remodelling, monuments, and certain elements of car restoration. Unfortunately, there are more surfaces unsuited for sand blasting than surfaces that are. There is a potential for rust, dents and other forms of damage as a result of the process not being carried out properly or being used on a sensitive surface.

In short, sand blasting is an abrasive cleaning technology which is best suited to stronger surfaces and materials, that are less susceptible to bending or added heat. Thankfully for you, we have the necessary skills to carry out a sand blast clean that is delicate as it is fierce.

Soda Blasting

Utilising granulated food grade bicarbonate soda, we are able to attack contaminants and other substances residing on top of an object/surface. This process subtly eats away at the unwanted substances, allowing them to be blown or wiped away.

Soda blasting can tackle:

  • Most common surface contaminants
  • Mould
  • Graffiti
  • Dirt

The gentle nature of soda blasting allows us to tackle almost any contaminant on almost any surface. The main limitation is that there are some harder substances and materials that soda blasting does not actively effect.

Soda and sand blasting are the easy ways to clear away the toughest messes and stains. Call Sodablast on 0408 008 375 today.