Boat cleaning and restoration made easy

Using the latest in cleaning technology, Sodablast can restore the lustre and glory to your beloved watercraft. Our strategic combination of both sand and soda blasting actively addresses any number of stains or areas of corrosion impacting the look and function of your craft. Years of wear, tear and sea salt corrosion can be wiped away by a single service from us.

When done, your capacity to repurpose or generally store your craft will be increased ten fold – with every essential surface ready for repainting, polishing and more. Armed with soda and sand, we can:

  • Remove liquors and varnishes off timber
  • Clears away antifouling
  • Carry out fibreglass restoration
  • Remove oil, grease, baked on carbon, scale and slime off mechanical parts.
  • Clear calcium off glass

How It Works

  1. Call us with details of where you are, the type of vessel and what work is needed.
  2. We arrive promptly and see to assessing the vessel and carefully carrying out all necessary work.
  3. We provide you with an agreeable invoice for services rendered.

At all times we aim to use whichever of our two technologies we deem most appropriate, increasing efficiency and yielding better results for you. Furthermore, you can rest assured knowing that there will be no damage caused to your vessel or any of its components during the cleaning process.

Call 0408 008 375 today for an effective, sea-worthy clean from Sodablast.